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The Life Mastery Club was originally formed for the sole purpose of bringing all the gifts, talents, transformational tools and products created by Douglas and Terriane, into the one place. It has since transcended into a community of leaders constantly learning and growing, and sharing their knowledge in a way that connects people at a heart level.


Terriane Palmer-Peacock – A self-taught intuitive, professional speaker and coach, is well-known in the Australian self-help industry as a high energy, down-to-earth straight talker. She is grateful to have shared the public stage with names like Mark-Victor Hansen, Lorel Langmeir, Armand Morin and Chris Howard. More locally known, Kerwin Rae, Simon Reynolds, James Schramko and Pat Mesiti.

She loves to see the light shine in others and is motivated to help people walk the path of freedom and success. She brings balance, spiritual growth, wisdom and tremendous clarity to all areas of the awakening journey.

Douglas peacock

Douglas Peacock– A highly sought after intuitive with an amazing story of how it all began is the magic behind the Life Mastery Club. Doug’s incredible gifts including his ability to see, read and heal energy has seen him travel the globe working with celebrities, Olympic athletes politicians and leaders from all walks of life. He was even brought into the Pentagon (USA) as a spiritual healer to work on the Under-Secretary of State just after 9/11.

Douglas is an expert in guiding people through the intricate balance of knowing oneself, whilst nurturing conscious living. He serves as a catalyst for transformation in the world and is dedicated to awakening the true power and potential of everyone he has the pleasure of meeting.

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